Loss of Port Forwarding Data List


Loss of Port Forwarding Data List

My case no.  #29892882 is closed without a satisfactory solution.  I notified several times that everytime I changed names on listed unknown items under Access Control page, it creates an error and delete all items listed under Port Forwarding page.  Netgear alibi for my request for firmware upgrade is, "Going back to the reason for your contact, (my name), I was able to review the previous thread on the case number you've mentioned.The firmware updates for the routers that are released will be applied to all the routers. We cannot release individual firmware. Also, upon checking on our data-base, you're actually the first to report this issue. There are no cases with the exact same situation so, we currently don't have a reference. I apologize for this inconvenience. Base on the response you sent via pdf file, you've shown a screenshot of the list of your port forwarding. The screen shows the page for "Access Control". Does that mean you've configured port forwarding for all those devices? If not, please let us know what devices you've configured port forwarding for and if you reserved their IP address before port forwarding."  

Recently, I have captured the screen to prove that this issue is real but due to my support service expired in 26 May I cannot forward the screen capture video to Netgear anymore.  Does anyone have the same issue as I experienced?

Model: R8000|Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: Loss of Port Forwarding Data List

I have read over 15 threads in this forum about this problem. It is a bug that Netgear is ignoring/hiding and they refuse to address it. Just do a search for port forward and there are a bunch. there is NO Way they haven't heard of it. Sorry to say. Having the same issue with port forwarding settings disappearing. requiring a full factory reset and adding all the settings manually again. then once it breaks again, doing it all over. There is actually a thread where this process is maked as the solution. haha.

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