Lossing connection to Internet

I'm connected to ISP model (cable) with router and devices connect to R7000.

In random intervals (seems so) I'm loosing connection (or it seems so) to internet for 3-6 seconds or even 10, then it works again: apps just report no connection, stop streaming, working etc. Connection seems up all the time from NIC, router does not log any problems.
When I connect directly to modem, everything is OK and there are no connection losses.

Is there some problem that is widely known? All cabling is new, CAT7, tested.

One important note: I'm using ethernet, NOT WiFi.
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Re: Lossing connection to Internet

Not much to check for wired problems. Try a factory reset and reload or update FW.

I doubt this will help but worth a try.

Select use PC Mac Address in internet setup.
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Re: Lossing connection to Internet

dannydev, I have experienced this also. I also installed new cables and it seemed like its working, but I still get the disconnects/reconnect. Just today when I booted up my computer, I had not internet access due to the router... I had to reboot the router to fix it. This router is plagued with problems. My Asus RT-N66U router was rock solid. I may end up going back to that.
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Re: Lossing connection to Internet

I forgot to add in my post that not only could I not access the internet when I booted up my computer today, I also could not access the router settings.
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Re: Lossing connection to Internet

Danny, TC,

Can you provide us the entire picture of your environments?

Who are the ISP's?

What devices are in front of the r7000's?

How are these devices configured?

This information in addition to the hard rest suggested by searay might give us a better idea about the issues you both are experiencing.
~Comcast 1 Gbps/50 Mbps SB8200 > R8000P
~R8000P FW: ~R7000 FW:
~R6400 FW: ~Orbi-AC3000 FW:
~EX3700 FW:

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