Lost 5 ghz connection but still had 2.4

Having issues with R7000 especially next morning that this router isn't connected anymore to my 5 ghz network name. I use separate SSID's for 5 and 2 ghz's. Firmware is up to date with 34 version. I am using Auto Channel for both SSID. Live in a populated apartment community.So now I went back enabled Smart connect but I add issues before when I add the same SSID name. Did not do Factory reset yet. Any help would appreciated.


Model: R7000|Nighthawk AC1900 Dual Band WiFi Router
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Re: Lost 5 ghz connection but still had 2.4

Is your 5Ghz light on the top of the router on?


When not using Smart Connect each SSID should have unique SSID names. That is so  you can connect to the one you want on a device. Having them both set to the same name you can't tell which is which.


Using Smart Connect forces the names to be the same. The router will determine which band (SSID) the device will connect to by several factors, such as how the device can connect (2.4Ghz or 5Ghz) and how many devices are on each band. You will not see on a device 2 SSID's, only one.


If you want to manually control which band a device will connect to, you should NOT use Smart Connect and have each band (SSID) have different names that you can identify which band the SSID is.

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Re: Lost 5 ghz connection but still had 2.4

When I lost 5 ghz I was using separate SSID's names for 2.4 & 5. Don't know if 5 ghz Light was Lit because I disable all router Lights except power. So now I went back to Smart Connect and enabled all Lights on router. Will see how it goes. Thank you for reply back.

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