Low link rate on new x10 router


Low link rate on new x10 router

Good evening,

Long time lurker first time poster. So that title pretty much sums it up. Since I switched over from the x4s my link rates have gone down quite a bit and the signal has dropped. For instance my invidia shield is in the next room and used to get 100% signal and 840is link rate on 5G. Now I am down to 292 link rate and the signal has got down to 91% on my shield. And yes the router and shield are in the same spots.

So I checked around and I am the only one in our area using the same channels. I connect my computer via ethernet and at night get 840ish down and 940ish up from the nighthawk. I go into the settings and the power for 2.4 and 5 are both 100% signal power. Mu-mimo is on, qos is off, ht160 is enabled, and beam forming is enabled as well. Maybe I was expecting too much but I thought I would get the same if not a little better coverage compared to the x4s we replaced. I am quite the novice here so I have exhausted everything I know/watched on youtube lol. Me and my wife also work from home and need reliable wifi as ethernet is not an option for both of us. If anyone has any ideas I would really appreciate it. I have also tried to reset the router a couple times with no luck. I just hope it's me or something I can fix and I am really hoping that I didnt get one with issues because nighthawks have been good to me this far.

Thank you,
Model: R9000|Nighthawk X10 AD7200 Smart WiFi Router
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Re: Low link rate on new x10 router

Anyone have any ideas?
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Re: Low link rate on new x10 router

I have the same problem the link rate is 292Mbps .Have someone ideas  what to do?

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Re: Low link rate on new x10 router

The PHY speed of 292 is a huge clue.  That indicates 1x1 MIMO.  But your shield is 2x2 MIMO.  Now to find out why that is happening.  As for reduced signal strength, what channel are you on?  Non DFS channels have slightly higher power.  Or, I wonder if beamforming is not working properly?


As a test, turn off both MU-MIMO and HT160.  Any change?  Reboot both devices -- any changes to link speed on your wireless devices?

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