Massive lag during gaming (R7000)



Since a few weeks I occasionally get massive lag while gaming Diablo III. I literally have timeouts of 30 seconds or more. So far, all I can say for sure is that this only occurs when I'm connected to the NH (Nighthawk router). I am not able to connect directly since my PC is at the third floor and the router at the first. When this started I was connected via a switch at the second floor and another router (acting as a switch) at the 3rd floor. Since then, I've eliminated both the switch and the router (at the second and third floor by connecting through a powerline ethernet adapter which is plugged in next to the NH and at the other end, next to my computer.


To eliminate that this problem is with my ISP I've connected my modem directly to the powerline ethernet adapter, going streight to my desktop at the 3rd floor. Although I obviously lost some bandwidht, this seemed to resolve the lag issue.


This leaves me with a few other options, either something is wrong with the NH or something connected to my NH is causing the lag.


What I still need to do:

- Disconnect any other device connected to the NH, including WiFi

- Run a cat5 cable streight to my gaming PC


Does somebody have any other tips or tricks?


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Re: Massive lag during gaming (R7000)

If you are seeing lags of 30 seconds, then it's possible that your R7000 is spontaneously rebooting.  You should check the logs to confirm.  A firmware upgrade and/or factory reset to clear out any corrupt settings may be needed.


For maximum performance, you should disable any feature that prevents the router leveraging its hardware-assisted forwarding engine.  These are believed to include upstream and downstream QoS (but always leave WMM on), MAC Address Control, port forwarding/triggering, site and service blocking, and, possibly, MAC Address cloning.  You can perform a speed test before and after enabling one or more of these features to gauge their impact on performance.



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