Re: Maximum attached devices on AC2600


Maximum attached devices on AC2600

how many devices can i connect to the R7800 router.

I now have 52 attached devices. I used 3 access points for this to connect directly to the router. why do i see these devices on my router side? (the 49 devices are connectedto my access points)

My system is now very slow even wen am not sending or receiving files bigger dan 3Mbps.

What can i do to imporve?


Model: R7800|Nighthawk X4S AC2600 Wifi Router
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Re: Maximum attached devices on AC2600

You should see the devices on the router side as it is assigning all the IP addresses to the devices and not the APs. As for the slow transfer speeds, this could be many things with that many devices in the network kinda hard to pin down. What are you using for Aps?



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Re: Maximum attached devices on AC2600

I wrote a app which is connected to mongodb. I wrote it in react. The app is for cannecting the 50 devices together. Every second they are asking status from each other and passing status to each other. It’s not that my database is fill since I only have like 50 records in it. I also use indexes to get the status.
Thank you
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