Media Bride Mode is unstable since


Media Bride Mode is unstable since

Hi Folks.


Since i Upgrade to in my R7000 and Reset und Reconfig it i have problems with the Bridge Mode. Everytime on Boot the R7000 connect to my Router from AVM but i cant enter to the Web GUI. My PS4 cannot get an IP Adress and i must restart the Router. After that it connects and The PS4 get the ip Adress but after a short while the PS4 Disconect and i see on the R7000 that the LAN light is going off and after 30 Seconds or more it come back but my PS4 couln´t get any IP Adress anymore. I must restart the Router again.


Now i´m Back to Version and everything works no problems anymore.


I think it´s to early to set this Firmware as an Oficial Version.

Model: R7000|Nighthawk AC1900 Dual Band WiFi Router
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Re: Media Bride Mode is unstable since



Try updating the firmware. Reset the router and manually reconfigure.

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Re: Media Bride Mode is unstable since

Thx for the Replay.


If you read my post cearfully i wrote that i reset the Router After Upgrade to I reset the Router Every Time After Upgrade or Downgrade and reconfig it.


I think the Firmware has bug's that Need to be fixed. Other Users in this Forum have Problems too with this Firmware.

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