Missing Time Zone Settings


Missing Time Zone Settings

Hello, I have configured my R7000P router to send me a daily email report at a certain time.  I have noticed that the times I'm getting those emails are not when I'm supposed to recieved them.  It's about 4-5 hours behind. I tried to see if my time zone settings are set to my area, but I noticed it's missing.  It's usaully at the bottom area where you configure the email settings, but its not there.  I'm on the current firmware.  There is a newer firmware, but needed to roll back for a certain reason.  It was not there either so it really didn't matter which firmware anyway.  Can you please provide some information on where I can find the time zone settings.  I have provided a screen shot on where I thought the settings were located.  Please advise.  



Model: R7000P|Nighthawk AC2300 Smart WiFi Dual Band Gigabit Router
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Re: Missing Time Zone Settings

My apoligies, I beleive I found it by poking around.  It's under the NTP settings.  But, when I try to change it, it just convert back to the original time zone "International Date Line West" settings which is extremly not accurate.  It will not save my settings.  Any thoughts please?  




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