Mobile devices not obtaining IP address


Mobile devices not obtaining IP address


I am unable to get any mobile devices to connect to this router. I just installled the router yesterday(my old one got fried in a lightning storm-along with some other devices). I am able to connect laptops and desktops(both wired and wirelessly), at various places around my home with no problem. But cannot get any of our phones (Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, IPhone 10, Iphone 7) to connect. 


Things I have tried in various combinations:

Updated the firmware.

"Forgot" the wireless networks.

Rebooted the modem.

Rebooted the router.

Restarted the phones.

Turned off network notification on the phones.

Using WPA2-PSK on the R7800.

Ensured that MAC fitering was turned off(no black/white lists in use)

(Tried static IP address, but not sure I did that correctly)


I have an Xfinity modem which has a wireless router(but on different channels than the R7800). I can get on that wireless network from all the phones with no issues. 


The above list hits on everything, I have found doing various searches. 


Looking for new ideas.




Model: R7800|Nighthawk X4S AC2600 Wifi Router
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Re: Mobile devices not obtaining IP address

One question would be why are you running two wireless signals, one from each router?


Another is CAN you see the router SSID's on the devices can't connect? If so, what happens and what errors do you get back?


I'll assume both routers have different channels on the bands as well so there is no interference? Different SSID's as well.

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Re: Mobile devices not obtaining IP address

My router got fried and I'm using the (Xfinity) wifi while I get the new router fully functioning. Once I solve this (phone/wifi) issue, I will turn the Xf one off. The coverage/signal  is much better with the R7800-so the family wants to use that for their laptops(and use the Xf one for their phones)


They are on seperate channels with different SSIDs. I can see all the SSID's on the phones. The usually error message is "Failed to obtain an IP address"


Thanks for any help.

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Re: Mobile devices not obtaining IP address

Since you forgot the network, is the security setting the same as the other router that you can connect to?


Since iPad's and iPhones generally can connect to both the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands, do you get the same errors on both?

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Re: Mobile devices not obtaining IP address

I think the problem is signal strength. When I moved the router upstairs the iphones were able to connect.

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