Modem for Nighthawk Router

Hi, I've been given a Nighthawk R7500 wifi router and want to replace my current ISP supplied modem/router with it. I've got fibre broadband (78Mb max) - fibre to the cabinet.

As the current ISP router has a built in modem I will need a separate modem to use the R7500. And ssince the current ISP router already has a modem the BT engineer didn't install a modem at the time.

So I'm trying to find out what my best options are. Obviously a combined router / modem like the D7000 range would be simplest option - but as I've already been given the R7500 - getting something like the D7000 would be much more expensive.

I've seen lots of Openreach modems on sale (e.g. HG612 etc) but the installation instructtions I've seen seem to vary in complexity quite a lot.

Does anyone have any suggestions / recommendations - preferrably without the cost of getting a brand new combined modem/router/


Thanks in advance.

Model: R7500|Nighthawk X4 AC2350 Smart WiFi Router
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Re: Modem for Nighthawk Router

Well, it appears you only have a few options:


  • Buy a modem
  • Buy a modem/router combo
  • Have BT turn off the Router capability of the modem/router and use that as a modem (called Bridged) IF possible

Not familiar with BT so I'm only guessing.

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Re: Modem for Nighthawk Router

If you decide you want to go the modem route you need to check that the ISP allows customer owned modems, not all do. Also, if they do, be sure to find out what modems are approved for their service. In my case Comcast has a list posted and is very easy to install a customer owned modem. 


As suggested, can the existing modem/router be configured as a bridge? Then the existing modem/router would be acting as a modem only. 

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Re: Modem for Nighthawk Router

If this is DSL, the DM200 DSL modem works fine on BT. About £33 from the most obvious seller.


It is a modem with minimal router features. You need to turn them off, but it is a simple task.


BT's dreadful HomeHub, whichever flavour you have, does not have an easy way of shunting it into modem only mode.


@kfarquhar wrote:

As the current ISP router has a built in modem I will need a separate modem to use the R7500.


No. You can put the R7500 into wireless access point mode. But then you hit this:


Disabled Features on the Router when set to AP Mode | Answer | NETGEAR Support


Obviously a combined router / modem like the D7000 range would be simplest


Not really. It would be more complicated then the DM200, not to mention being £100 more expensive.


There can also be problems with a modem/router in modem-only mode. I used the D6400 like that, but when the power dies it takes too long to boot up and connect to the Internet. By the time it does, the router has already tried to find the Internet and given up the ghost and will not connect. So if there is a power cut when you are away, you can return home to find everything is disconnected. Not good if you have security cameras, for example, that rely on an Internet connection.



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