Re: My R7000 admin pages are gone in 60s


My R7000 admin pages are gone in 60s


I'm an old user of all sorts of Netgear products since more than a decade, and my english isn't very good but let's try !

My R7000 works nice except for one strange problem. After a while (sometimes 60s, sometimes 5 minutes) my admin interface doesn't respond at all.

When i boot the R7000 all administration pages works fine.

Then, generally, I click on the left menu to show some admin pages and the right frame show me an error like "connexion reinitialized" with a small sheet icon with a sad smiley face (on chrome) wich is not the usual 404 for a non present page, but probably another error page. The menu on the left doesn't disappear but at this time no matter wich choice I click in the menu, all choices come to this error message.

And the R7000 continues to work fine, internet is fine, wifi too, ethernet too, my pc's, the NAS, everything works fine.

And then if I close my browser tab, the admin pages will never reply anymore.

Ping to R7000 : works fine (
LAN / WAN / WIFI : works fine
Acces to the admin pages : time out

No matter what I try ( or default ip .1.1 or 0.2) nothing works, even doesn't work at all.

If I reboot, everything works again for some time, not very long.

I'm in the last version the router told me to upgrade nothing more.

Is this a usual problem on r7000 ?
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Re: My R7000 admin pages are gone in 60s

Time out is by default. I have no idea what it is, never paid attention. I get prompted to re-enter my log in credentials if I allow the interface to sit for too long without keyboard or mouse input. Normal behavior. I'm using IE. If you have any type of internet security software installed, it might be blocking the pop up requesting your credentials. Just a thought?
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Re: My R7000 admin pages are gone in 60s

Hi, and thanks for your help.

Definitively it's not that problem, sometimes the admin pages tells me to log again, after a while (at a time where the admin pages doesn't disappear), but it wasn't the problem. I had just to re-log me in and everything was working.

Now the admin web server isn't up enough time to have a re-login need.

It disappeared well before.

It's like the http server at isn't here, or is crashed, it never respond after a while. A while beeing one to ten minutes, never more. Rarely less.

Ping respond well.

All devices work perfectly, leds on the r7000, wifi access, rj45 access, rules and things, everything except the admin pages are unreachable.

Any idea ?
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Re: My R7000 admin pages are gone in 60s

I've found the problem.

I've made a bad configuration choice, my adsl modem was in bridge mode but he seems to have the IP or something like this. So there was a conflict between my routeur and my modem.

Changed the r7000 to and everything is now perfect.

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