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NAS Readyshare


I have tried to rename the USB share names in the advanced ReadyShare page. But when I select a USB drive and click edit the page just refreshes and does nothing else. So I cannot edit the names. It would not let me create folders nor change any access rights.

I have both USB2 and USB3 drives plugged into their respective ports. The drives work fine. (A little slower than I thought) but still fine. My biggest concern right now is not being able to edit the properties.

I searched throughout the forum and cannot find anyone else with the same problem.

Anyone else experiencing this or know why I am?

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Re: NAS Readyshare

Wow. That was an easy answer. Just for others that have the same issue. (I have not tested this yet.) But it seems it could be a popup blocker on my browser stopping me from seeing the proper page:

I ended up spending over 1 hour online with support who had me re-flash my router to end up at the same spot.

Anyway, if the popup disable does not solve the problem, I will report back. If it does then . . .
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