NEED!!! an 8 port option.


NEED!!! an 8 port option.


So I picked this up a while back and I NEED this, but with 8 ports.

This exact type/style for 8 ports.


All I need is a LAN switch with a wifi broadcast that has 8 (4 additional) ports.


Long story short, this unit solved every problem I had with modem/routers and them not communicating well with other brands causing ping loss.


It was a mess, but this simple little unit was a godsend.


Just needs more LAN out ports (;_Smiley Wink

Model: WAC124|AC2000 Dual Band 4x4
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Re: NEED!!! an 8 port option.

Why don't you buy a cheap 8 ports Gbps switch instead? I'm not aware of NG selling routers with 8 ports. ASUS has one, the AX88U

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