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NETGEAR Holiday Buyer’s Guide 2019


Does your holiday wish list include the latest tech gifts and gadgets? Are you expecting to unwrap a variety of new IoT devices to help build the smart home of your dreams? This Holiday season, NETGEAR has a little bit of everything for your loved ones, from the smart home and tech enthusiast, to the 4K streamer, to the hardcore gamer, and even the art lover.


Whether you’re coveting the new iPhone 11, a laptop upgrade, or the latest smart home assistant, you will want to make sure your network is ready to handle the bandwidth of additional devices. If your router is out of date and constantly puts out poor performance, now is the perfect time to think about upgrading. After all, the last thing you want to worry about is connectivity issues, buffering while streaming, or even lag while gaming.


Here are some considerations:


WiFi 6 Router12.12-chp-inline7.png
With the largest portfolio of WIFi 6 routers on the market, NETGEAR has a WiFi 6 router for
you! Using the latest WiFi technology, WiFi 6 routers are designed to give you the fastest WiFi speeds available, more connected capacity for more devices and increased data throughput, resulting in improved WiFi performance. By supporting smart homes with multiple devices, 4K & 8K streaming content, large file downloads & uploads, and gigabit internet speed tiers, WiFi 6 is the ideal router to give you a more enjoyable WiFi experience


Shop our WiFi 6 Routers


Orbi Whole Home WiFi12.12-chp-inline3.png

Have fast WiFi, but lack great coverage? Orbi’s award-winning WiFi is designed to give your home better WiFi everywhere! With coverage up to 5,000 sq ft, you’ll have strong, reliable WiFi to let you stream Disney+, Netflix, Spotify, or Pandora in any room without any interruptions. By eliminating WiFi dead zones and lag, you can truly enjoy worry-free WiFi.


Even better, Orbi’s wide range of Mesh WiFi solutions means there is an Orbi for everyone. From Orbi paired with the latest WiFi 6 technology, to the first Mesh System and smart speaker with Alexa-built in, to a slim, sleek design with powerful performance, the options for stronger, faster, and smarter home WiFi is endless with Orbi.


Shop Orbi Mesh WiFi


WiFi Mesh Extenders12.12-chp-inline6.png

Have you recently upgraded your WiFi, but wish you can reap the benefits of WiFi Mesh? Well you’re in luck! Regardless if you’re using a NETGEAR router, a competitor’s router (you should really be using NETGEAR), or your ISP Gateway, you can simply add a Nighthawk Mesh Extender to create a Nighthawk Mesh network. This will create more WiFi coverage in your home, and allow more seamless 4K video streaming, web surfing, and more. Faster speeds and coverage mean you get to enjoy your new devices without any fuss.


Shop our WiFi Mesh Extenders


Gaming Routers

Like every year, gaming consoles/PCs or the hottest new games are on many wish lists. While many believe they have the skill to be the best, our Nighthawk Pro Gaming Routers will help take your gaming to the next level. Powered by DumaOS, the gamer in your life will benefit from features like Geo Filter, Anti-Buffer Bloat, & QoS to help stabilize ping and reduce lag, ensuring more stable gameplay. After all, the last thing you want is broken controllers, keyboards, or routers due to a frustrated gamer.   


Shop our Gaming Routers


Meural Digital Canvas12.12-chp-inline5.png

Looking to bring some life to your wall? Perfect for any smart home, the Meural Canvas makes your space even more stylish with an endless digital library of art. From your favorite pieces of art, your favorite artist’s collection, or photos of your own, you can adorn your home with artwork or images that is distinctly you.


Shop Meural Canvas

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Re: NETGEAR Holiday Buyer’s Guide 2019

Loving my WiFi 6 Router (RAX200). I can't wait until more devices come out with AX / WiFi6 capabilities. In the meantime, auto back-wards compatibility with WiFi 5 AC is working without issues. Happy holidays everyone!


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Re: NETGEAR Holiday Buyer’s Guide 2019

LOL....  Personally i would NEVER by another crap junk software controlled device from Netgear. Once was enough for me. No thnaks. Great hardware completely destroyed by faulty and incompatant firmware.  Buy at your own risk. You have been warned. 

Asus RT-AX58U. Merlin. 384.19
(AT&T Fiber, Gigabit)
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Re: NETGEAR Holiday Buyer’s Guide 2019

Please help any sulotion for netgear mr1100 saudi stc blocked 4glte.
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