NEW R 7000 Firmware R7000-V1.0.3.60_1.1.27


Re: NEW R 7000 Firmware R7000-V1.0.3.60_1.1.27

The proof as they say will be in the pudding.

If there is no formally released firmware that will be the truth of it.

If there is, that will be the truth of it.

I don't recall seeing even beta release, test version, chatter for some time now either.

I'd say Netgear is getting to the crap or get off the pot moment.

The hardware is capable. Running DD-WRT I can assure you the hardware is quite capable.
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Re: NEW R 7000 Firmware R7000-V1.0.3.60_1.1.27

I have been using two R7000s for about 9 months, one configured as a bridge on 5 GHz. Have tried every firmware release up to V.1.0.56 and have had nothing but trouble with the bridged R7000 (loosing devices).

I finally swapped out the R7000 bridge with the (reported buggy) Asus RT-AC87R configured as a bridge to my second R7000 and have had zero problems and haven't needed to reboot the bridge as I did with the R7000. In the near future, I plan to install WRT on the decommissioned R7000 and will again try it as a bridge.

I'm extremely disappointed with Netgear and the 9-months of rebooting and waiting for a fix. Over the past two years, I have spent over $3k on Netgear routers for my personal/home use, and after my R7000 experience, I'm taking Netgear off my radar for future purchases. A GSM7328Sv2 router I purchased also had some quirks in very basic functionality, but at least it didn't keep me from using it. Netgear needs to focus more resources in its firmware development/support.
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Re: NEW R 7000 Firmware R7000-V1.0.3.60_1.1.27

Just wanted to point out... while quite a few of you are giving critique and commentary without issue, there are a few that are bordering on the rude aspect of things.

Reminder: Moderators aren't Netgear employees, and do most of this on our own time. Making demands of a moderator, assuming we're Netgear employees, is a bit asinine.

Keep it civil, folks.
~ Shadowlore
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