Re: NIGHTHAWK R7000 Firmware Recommendation


NIGHTHAWK R7000 Firmware Recommendation



To cut a really long story short, I have been cursing what I thought was my internet provider dropping out 5-10 times a day, especially when gaming


After a little look on google, I was surprised to learn that the latest firmware version for my router is buggy.


Just take a look a the difference!!!!  


Previous version that I was on


Ping 19

Download 34.25

Upload 10.42

The worst part was the dropping out of course.


New (old) version


Ping 15

Download 211.81

Upload 10.21


Yes, you read that right, a MASSIVE upgrade in download speeds, much like I remember a few years back, funny enough when this firmware version was live.


On top of this, my internet no longer drops out!!!


I honestly can't believe the difference.  There's me thinking the latest firmware is the best, how wrong was I!


For any owners of this router, may be worth a look!


It's easy to rollback, guide can be found here



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Re: NIGHTHAWK R7000 Firmware Recommendation

@blur  If I've read your post correctly, you haven't even tried the very latest firmware v.100? You've Googled it and learned the latest firmware is 'buggy' but not actually tried it?


I'm on the very latest firmware, v.100 and I'm not having any problems at all with it. I honestly feel like a broken record defending v.100 release because it works for me and I'm absolutely sure I cannot be the only R7000 owner out there who isn't having an issue with it. I upgraded from v.64 and skipped v.88 completely because v.100 was released just 2 months after I bought my router.


There clearly are issues regarding differing firmwares on identical routers otherwise I guess people wouldn't keep moaning about them. Is it a geographical issue? hardware issues? environmental issues? user error issues? no one can offer up an explanation. The usual response on this forum is 'Downgrade to v.42 because it's reportedly the most stable'. If the latest firmware is buggy, then why does it work for some and not others? Fact is, no one apparently knows.


I guess at the end of the day, just choose a firmware variant from the official Netgear download page that works for you and stick with it. Be aware though, firmwares are upgraded to allegedly fix bugs, and patch security holes. These 'fixes' may be superficial, the security patches may have a negligible effect on router vulnerability, but personally, I won't be loading a 2 year old firmware on my router any day soon.

Model: R7000|AC1900 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: NIGHTHAWK R7000 Firmware Recommendation


Thanks for the reply

No I have not tried v100, I wasn't aware of that version until now as my router was saying V88 was the latest firmware and up to date.  All I know is that all these problems I have experienced in the last year r so, seem to be in line with firmware updates.


I totally understand from a security point of view that I should keep it updated, so will give V100 a try.  Is there a reason the router itself says V88 is the latest firmware, is V100 in Beta or something (do you know?)


I love my R7000, it has fantastic features, I had no idea until the last few days that it could be my router causing the drop outs.  I honestly thought it was Virgin Media, and have spent many hours on the phone to technical (at Virgin) moaning and trying to sort this.  I'm amazed they don't ask about routers and extenders as I am sure many problems people experience are not in fact anything to do with the Virgin Internet.


Will give V100 a go and report back here soon



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Re: NIGHTHAWK R7000 Firmware Recommendation

My R7000 just dropped the 5ghz wifi and I am on FW V1.0.11.100_10.2.100.

First time it has dropped since I updated it so I will keep you informed.

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Re: NIGHTHAWK R7000 Firmware Recommendation

Thanks @xusnlivin 


I shall try the new firmware later today.


What I don't understand is the download speeds.  With V88, I was getting 35-40mps max, with V32 I am getting on average between 175-215mps


It will be interesting to see what V100 brings


Will update later

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Re: NIGHTHAWK R7000 Firmware Recommendation

@xusnlivin wrote:

My R7000 just dropped the 5ghz wifi and I am on FW V1.0.11.100_10.2.100.

First time it has dropped since I updated it so I will keep you informed.

I've been using v.100 for just over 5 weeks now and I've had about 3 drop outs but not related to 5ghz wifi. I'm on Plusnet and my drop outs have been entirely due to exchange issues because my Draytek modem just hangs there when it happens until it comes back online again. It's probably down to exchange engineers mucking about or high network traffic, but it certainly isn't anything to do with the router firmware.


I'm also not convinced the default NTP server is up to much good. There is the option to input your own NTP server ip.


Speed wise, well I'm on standard 37mb fibre and I'm getting the full promised speed from my package. Having previously had a package supposedly capable of 54mbps but only ever achieving a maximum of 47mbps, I downgraded to the cheaper package and discoverd there was virtually no difference in the overall speed.

Model: R7000|AC1900 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: NIGHTHAWK R7000 Firmware Recommendation

I thought I would post an update here on my situation.  I was initially going to post to the thread I had been, but it seems lociked  now and there is no more reply button.


Anyway:  I had been having the random dropouts with the latest firmware on the R7000.  So, I switched to DD-WRT for a while, and for the most part it was stable.  Then I came across XWRT and flashed that, not realizing how bad that firmware really was for the R7000, well it damaged the router's CFE, so going back to DD-WRT wasn't an option because the router was no longer able to save settings past reboot.,and hte only firmware that WOULD work was the Netgear stock firmware.  So I decided to retire the R7000 and get a new router.


I settled on the TP-Link Archer C4000 (AKA the A20)  Apaarently TP-Link markets the same router under two different names, one for online sales, and the other for retail.  Anyway, that router has been rock solid since day one, I did have to tweak some default settintgs to get the performance I wanted, but all is good now.


What I have done NOW is, I have connected the R7000 to one of my switches so it is a Second NAT, so I can have my main network and then a test network behind the R7000, I was finally able to repair the damaged CFE per instructions from the DD-WRT forum, and ran DD-WRT for a while, to confirm, and it seems ok now.  NOW, I have factory reset, and reflashed Netgear stock firmware on that router and so far it's been stable.  Here is why I did the setup this way.  I need my network stable (as anyone would.) so in order to keep the main network stable, i only put devices on the R7000 that don't matter, if Wifi acts up or not, and if it does, only devices on that Router will suffer while the others remain stable.  I've tried both 5.ghz and 2.4 ghz on the R7000 (so far, my MBP from late 2013, 13") only, and the R7000 seems ok, however, I haven't put a heavy load on it in this configuration yet, either.  Even if the R7000 is fixed, I still plan to keep the TP-link as it seems to be rock solid, has better spects then the R7000 is Tri band vs dual-band and I like their stock firmware better than Netgear's  I'll touch the R7000 from time to time, and each time, it's barely warm to the touch, so at least for me, this doesn't seem to be a heat issue.  Also, the speeds I get from the R7000 now, aren't much different from the TP-Link, though of course the newer can be faster at times.


Anyway, just thought I would follow up on my situation here, if anyonew has any suggestions on how i can see if i can get the R7000 to act up in the test environment, i'll try it and see if it goes down, but so far it's functioned OK.

Model: R7000|AC1900 Smart WIFI Router
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