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Naming Authorized devices

I have been trying to figure out how to name/change the name of the devices connected to my router. Using the Access control page I have been selecting the device, selecting edit, and then using the text field to enter in the name of the device. Once I do that and hit apply (both on the edit fields and the main menu) it will automatically delete the new name and revert to the character string that was in there previously.

Any suggestions? This is the case for all devices I have tried to rename using the router management, blue ray players, sprinkler control system, phones, consoles, etc.
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Re: Naming Authorized devices

I did not encounter the same problem. Mine is working fine. What firmware is currently loaded on your router? I am using the R8000 Beta FW V1.0.1.12. You may check the link below for the firmware.
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Re: Naming Authorized devices

Mine works with non beta firmware V1.0.0.110_1.0.70 . I changed and then it went back to the string of alphanumerics. Then I clicked on refresh and they all went back to what I set them to.
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