Re: Need Input/Suggestion on New Wireless Router purchase


Need Input/Suggestion on New Wireless Router purchase

I am in search of a stable wireless router to be used for my daughter's college apartment (1,500sq ft) with 3 other girls sharing the Charter/Spectrum connection (I believe it's 300Mbps). I need the wireless router to be stable.  I don't want to be getting phone calls about the internet dropping due to a flaky router. Especially now when COVID is forcing more class to be 100% online

which means the girls will be using the apartment internet that much more.


I have done considerable reading of wireless router review, forums and merchant site consumer reviews.  Plenty of info shared on the hassles and horrors  of Netgear and Asus routers.  I am willing to spend up to $300 to future proof the purchase but am tentative on which wireless manufacturer and model to buy.


To that end, I have been looking at Netgear R8000P, X10 AD7200 and R7800 models.  Almost every forum has multiple comments on wifi disconnect issues.  Various solutions on downleveling f/w,  resetting to factory default and restarting the router the rebuildinig the router config.  All the while most are getting no competent help from Netgear support. I have found just 1 f/w (v1.4..0.10 for R8000P) that claims to fix intermittent drop issue.


Recommendations on assuring router stability and/or which recommendations on a router?


As a reference point my home has 1 Netgear WNDR4500 router with 3 Netgear WNDR4500 as access points. Yup, that's right  still using 4500 from 2011,  but the 4500s are solid and deliver excellent throughput from my Spectrum 200Mbps service, I have no worries of my home network for + 3yrs. Playstation online gaming with Netflix streaming and Youtube TV HD in use plus 4 cellphones, 4 laptops and some IoT devices all run w/no issue.

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Re: Need Input/Suggestion on New Wireless Router purchase

Only Netgear router I would recommend is the R7800. Has the least firmware issues.

Not the newest and fanciest, but just works for most folks. 3 folks in a dorm should work just fine. 

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Re: Need Input/Suggestion on New Wireless Router purchase

Yes, thank you.  I have read about R7800.  Only problem is finding one. Most commonly used stores don't have any in my area.  Newegg is about the only respectable online listing one.  I would like to buy the next router from brick and mortar that way if it flakes out or fails in the first 30 days I can grab a store manager by the collar as oppose to getting stuck in tech-support hell on the phone.     Man, it shouldn't be this difficult to buy a quality product when you are spending +$200-$300. 

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