Need serious assistance no tech can figure it out!


Need serious assistance no tech can figure it out!

I am going to try to do my best to explain this but I am involved in a nightmare scenario. Over the past 2 weeks I have been suffering from a SEVERE drop in download speed to the likes of .12 mbps. My ping somehow is around 20ms and Upload at 12mbps. I pay for Comcast Blast Plus and am suppose to be averaging around 100MBPS download. Okay so when this issue first started out it would periodically drop to this speed during the day or night but most of the time would hover around 25-50 mbps at the current time that was the best and fastest my internet would get. So I called Comcast various times everyone kept telling me it looked great ETC they sent a tech out to my house he practically did nothing and the problem just worsened. After exhausting all other methods the guy told me maybe it's possibly the router modem hybrid I was renting from Comcast. I didn't realize how bad these were so I took the hybrid back and went out and bought a Nighthawk R7000 1900AC and a new Motorola top of the line modem. That was yesterday. I get it all set up and since set up I am averaging .12 mbps on the wireless up to max usually 3MBPS. I connected directly to the router via ethernet and received the same results. At this point I demand another Comcast tech come out and check the wiring even though when I first moved in to my new house August 8th we never had this problem. It just started happening around September 11th. They finally send out a knowledgable guy and he's down in the crawl space and testing all sorts of things. Problem still persists. Here's where the game changer happens. We connect a laptop directly to the new cable modem via a ethernet and BAM speeds never before seen 120MBPS download 20 ms ping and 12MB Upload. We try troubleshooting the router I looked to see if QOS was on it wasn't. WMM was enabled I disabled it didn't work so I enabled it again. I tried changing the DNS servers that didn't work. I am at my wits end with no solution in sight and I've invested a lot of money in my set up over here ( 4K TV, Home Theatre, SONOS wireless playbar and speakers etc.) If anyone can help that would be greatly appreciated thank you
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Re: Need serious assistance no tech can figure it out!

Having a bit of a deja vu moment here, as I just went through this with Charter.

Out of curiosity, have you tried cloning the MAC address on the R7000 to the same MAC address as the laptop that mysteriously gets faster speeds?

Some ISPs (I know of Comcast and Charter that have both done it) in the past, hardcoded MAC addresses into their systems.

If you try to change the MAC address on the router to ANYTHING else at all (preferably the MAC address of the device you had gotten the 120Mbps down on), does the speed improve?

Also, make sure you're testing your speeds with a hardwired connection, as wireless connectivity can be affected by a large number of factors.

Once you get your wired connection speed to an acceptable level, we can see about getting your wireless straightened out (if you have any wireless issues)
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Re: Need serious assistance no tech can figure it out!

I agree that this could be a problem that's solved as simply as cloning your PC MAC address in the router (there's a place to do that in the router's web admin interface). I haven't had to do that for several years with Comcast here, though. The following has really helped me with Comcast problems:

1. Turn off both the modem and router. For me, I can't turn off my modem since it has voip parts, and a backup battery, so I can only reset it. So that's what I do for this step.

2. Turn on the modem, or just wait if you can only reset your modem.

3. Wait until the lights on the modem stabilize and you can tell that it's all the way up and fully online.

4. Turn on the router, and let it come up fully.

This is something you should try, especially if you're having problems with a new modem and router playing together. It may help, I hope so *smile*.
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Re: Need serious assistance no tech can figure it out!

The modem should have a diagnostics or event log. You should become familiar with the Downstream SNR and signal levels. Compare when things are slow to when there not.

It could also be a node capacity issue too but unlikely if going direct works. Check router WAN Port status it should be 1000M/ Full if not try another cable between modem and router and or factory reset both modem and router then test using default settings.
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