Need to forward a url to another IP..


Need to forward a url to another IP..

Thank you for any help.


I have a Logitech TV HD Cam for skype that no longer works due to the Microsoft buyout etc.


Long story short, the unit is never able to ping anymore and fails its internet check rendering the device un-useable.


The work around I found is:


Solution:  If you have a router / firewall / own administered DNS Server, create an entry and direct it to an other IP-Address which you can ping (e.g. your own default gateway)


Is this possible with the r7000?


Again, thank you for your time.

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Re: Need to forward a url to another IP..

Welcome to the community, @Raycaster


I think you're referring to this workaround from Skype's website. 

Based from the step, you will need to change the LAN IP address of the router to

In order to do that, you will need to access the admin page of the router.

Once you are inside the admin page, you will then need to go to Setup > LAN Setup and change your LAN IP from there. 


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