Netflix is causing slow speeds for other devices


Netflix is causing slow speeds for other devices

Ok so here's my problem I have time warner cables extreme package 250Mbps internet. My wife uses a smart tv to stream netflix my son plays on a ps4/xbox360 and my daughter is using a laptop me on the other hand play on an xbox one. I have been experiencing severe lag on my one and have been trying to trace this problem for months. I had TWC come test my node connection.. Tested fine. They tested the cable from node to home tested fine. Tested my übee modem again tests fine. Tested my Ethernet cable connection from my nighthawk to the xbox one tested great well after talking on conference calls with both my ISP, xbox customer care with no resolve I have figured out the problem all by myself with having zero and I mean zero networking skills have found the issue is netflix!! When wifey isn't on everything runs great no lag no rubber banding no hiccup of any kind but the minute she runs Netflix all my networking nightmares come to fruition!! How can I fix it so she's getting the bum connection and not myself!! She's using the 5ghz wifi and runs smooth as a baby bottom me on the other hand using a WIRED connection am gettin screwed please for the life of me can someone tell me how I can fix this before I either end up divorced from kickin a 65" smart tv off the porch or about to hang up my controller for good 😞
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Re: Netflix is causing slow speeds for other devices

Sounds like you don't have enough bandwidth. Streaming takes ~5 mbps continuous. What speed you get from your ISP?

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