Netgear 7800 Router Firmware Version V1.0.2.80


Netgear 7800 Router Firmware Version V1.0.2.80

I can no longer view Bandwidth by device. I choose show bandwidth, then by device nothing. Incoming and outgoing by each device is 0. Soooo frustrating as I cann9t see who is using all the bandwidth.

I am using version Router Firmware Version

Can anyone help me get this feature back. I accessing online not the app. The app does nit have the features I need. That's why I bought the night hawk to give me a little control. Parental controls no longer available. Now this and I had a hard time actually blocking devices. Ut would show blocked but still connected. Seemed if it was connected when blocked. It stayed connected even if the device was shut off, still could reconnect even though it was listed blocked but still in the top screen of connected devices.

I am concerned about the bandwidth usage as I am in Xfinity data cap. Can anyone help me? I would so appreciate it.

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