Netgear AC 1900 R700 QoS


Netgear AC 1900 R700 QoS

So I think i already know the answer to this but wanted to post just in case I'm missing something.  I just got a netgear AC 1900 router and it works great. We stream a lot of video and the QoS for the download works really good.  Actually, too good.  The video looks great but when the QoS is enabled it laterally cripples the rest of my network. If I have QoS enabled my bandwidth tests are like 200KB on my computer.  When I turn the QoS off it shoots up to a little over 80M.  From what I can tell it's either on or off, those are your two choices.  Is there anyway to adjust the allocation to make it like prioritize 80% of the bandwidth for streaming and 20% for everything else?  I don't see where you can do this but again maybe i'm missing something. 

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Re: Netgear AC 1900 R700 QoS

Speedtest is a low priority so it would be slower IF other apps with higher priority are being used.


If you want to test it turn off or disconnect all devices except the one running the speed test.

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