Netgear Nightawk X10 vs X8 Help


Netgear Nightawk X10 vs X8 Help

Hello everyone,


I am needing some advice in regards to purchasing an X10. My current router is an X8 that I recently purchased to replace my X6. Currently, I have the option of returning the X8 and picking up an X10.  


Here are my pros and cons with the X10 and X8 as they relate to my needs of the router.



+ 1.7ghz quad core processor

+ Plex Server (A feature I'd use if I had, but it isn't a feature I have to have)

- Single 5ghz band max output at 1.7gig

- AD "WiGig" that none of my devices support



+ Dual 5ghz Band max output at 2.1gig

- 1.4ghz dual core processor


My HSI speed is currently 400mbs but could be upgraded to 1gig with in the year. I have multiple gaming consoles hardwired to my router (Only one is used at a time), a laptop, a firestick that is constantly streaming video, and multiple phones. A desktop will be added next year. I do plan on using the USB 3.0 for wireless back up and file access to an external haddrive. 4k streaming is something I plan on doing in the future. 


The price difference and wifi range difference isn't a factor I consider. The X8 covers my house perfectly fine and I know the X10 would do the same. 


Any input would be apprecriated. I know both routers are over kill but I am wanting to know if the X10 does out preform the X8 as far as wireless file sharing and content streaming are concerned, especially since the X10 is using a single 5ghz band with a quard core processor where as the X8 is using two 5ghz bands with a dual core processor.


Thanks for taking the time to read and for any given advice.

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Re: Netgear Nightawk X10 vs X8 Help

@Case850 wrote:

@SystemEncephale  wrote: >>> Currently, I have the option of returning the X8 and picking up an X10.  


The most reliable Netgear router is the R7800. It is not perfect, but....


Consumer grade routers have difficulty performing at 1 Gbps Internet (LAN-WAN).


If you want performance and reliability, then separate Network Infrastructure from NAS/media Infrastructure.


Agree all the way. If staying with Netgear (why with the firmware issues?) the only one to get is the r7800. 1 gig pushes the consumer grade routers, yes.  If you want reliable NAS then get a NAS and not even think about using a router to do a NAS's work Just leads to pain and suffering trying to get a router to run fast and reliable as a NAS. 




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