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Netgear R6260 UDP connection drop


I've been using this router for a few months. The Problem I am facing is that, This router is dropping UDP connections.
My current firmware is a custom one (R6260_V1.1.0.54_1.0.1_test0426) given by the local technical support team here in my country. As the latest firmware on the website does not recognize DNS.

How can i fix this issue. Cause with this router i can not connect to VPN (paid)  using UDP Protocol for more than 4 mins. The connection hangs and i have to reconnect again. This interrupts my Netflix streaming.

Model: R6260|AC1600 Smart WiFi Router Dual Band Gigabit
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Re: Netgear R6260 UDP connection drop

Wow, For the past 3 months i've been using a FAULTY firmware given to me by local netgear support agent. Because of THIS faulty firmware (R6260_V1.1.0.54_1.0.1_test0426) I had connection issues. Specially UDP connections would just drop after a few minutes.

So i've downloaded a fresh copy of the latest firmware (R6260-V1.1.0.52) from Netgear and flashed my router. Didn't do a factory reset. Just rebooted it couple of times. and Now Everything works FINE. No more UDP connection drop. I've tested two VPNs (both paid) and it is very Stable. Not a single connection drop.

I'm attaching the firmware which the Netgear tech agent gave it to me over Skype. Can you kindly look into this ?

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Re: Netgear R6260 UDP connection drop

I took a look at your link and that is not something a Netgear support person would provide you. Please use the link below when contacting support in the future.





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