Netgear R6400


Netgear R6400

Hi. Can you help me to solve the problem witn connection USB SATA 3.0 docking dtation with HDD. Docking station is ORICO, series 6629 for two HDDs. Router is Netgear R6400, firmware is V1.0.1.46_1.0.32. Router doesn't connect this one, but with simply passive box with HDD works perfect. Is this a firmware problem? Or not?

Model: R6400|AC1750 Smart WiFi Router
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Re: Netgear R6400

I don't understand the question.


Are you trying to connect something to the router's USB ports?


If so, what are you trying to connect?


Remember, the router's USB ports are for and printers and for storage devices that don't need any fancy drivers or software.


This list will give you some clues, although it is far from comprehensive:


ReadySHARE USB Drives Compatibility List | Answer | NETGEAR Support



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Re: Netgear R6400

I'd say the firmware is the root cause. It has its own filesystem basically. Not a full blown one either. Some formats are not support (disk format that is), multiple partitions not supported, and not a large size partitions. Matter of fact, I've not seen any drive over 4TB's working or recognized. In addition many 'portable' (does not have a power supply but uses USB port) do not work.


You didn't mention the hard drive size or format of the partition, but I suspect the enclosure has some s/w that makes it look like 2 partitions, even if only one drive is in it, and that could/would be the reason?

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Re: Netgear R6400

I also (mistakenly) peformed a firmware update to V1.0.1.46_1.0.32. I have a 4TB Western DIgital HDD that I use as a media and storage device. 

Prior to performing an update, my storage device worked fine. I actually had two WD drives attached, one to the USB 2.0 and anoother to the USB 3.0 port. 

Upon updating, my WD drive on the USB 3.0 will not keep the drive "awake". The drive stops spinning and drops off the NAS drive list. 

I suspect this is an effect of the firmware update due to the fact the drive functions fine on the USB 2.0 USB port.

Just a FYI. 

It would be nice if this were addressed as I prefer to have my main drive on the faster port and have two drives connected. 

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