Netgear R6900 USB hard drive issue


Netgear R6900 USB hard drive issue

Hello all,


I have a weird problem. My WD 2 TB external HDD is recognized when plugged into the USB port on the router but the ReadyVault share program seems to think that the HDD only have 500 MB memory in it. When I plug the HDD direct into my computer, it recognizes the full capacity. I have re-formatted it (exFat) and still same issue. I have another Seagate drive that doesn't even get recognized and the USB light on the router doesn't come on. It does for the WD drive but the 500 MB size is stumping me.


Anyone have any ideas?

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Re: Netgear R6900 USB hard drive issue

I gave up on trying to use my R7000 as a NAS 2 years ago.  I only ever got it to work with USB thumb drives.  Even if you get it to work it will probably scramble the disk contents like it did on mine.


Much better to just buy a dedicated NAS.

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Re: Netgear R6900 USB hard drive issue

I believe that is not a question of firmware but the hardware controller chip in th router itself has limits design into it that are years old and redesign is needed to fix the problem to bring the usb port to modern day usb drive standards.

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