Netgear R7800 slow 2.4G on latest FW


Netgear R7800 slow 2.4G on latest FW

I been looking around Google and here for discussions under the same subject but most of them are old threads. I bought the router a couple of months back. I set it up it did update.

Netgear R7800 on latest firmware .63
Arris modem TM1602A
Spectrum ISP @ 400mbps

I have almost everything off and on that has been suggested here.
beamforming or mu-mimo turned on
'up to 800 Mbps' selected
'Enable 20/40 MHz Coexistence' turned off
Dynamic QoS turned off
guest network turned off
Smart Connect turned off
Under Advanced / Setup / QoS setup / WMM do you have both of those enabled

Wired full speed no issue meaning my desktop is connected directly to the Netgear = 400+ mbps
WiFi 5G tested on Google pixel 3 xl, iPhone 11 and laptop with windows 10 = 400+ Mbps

When I had spectrums equipment I had no issues on none of the WiFi my only issue was range that's why I but the Netgear. I use to have on 5G and wired 400+ and on 2.4G around 300 Mbps.
Now, with the R7800 on the 2.4G I get barely 80-100mbps even sitting next to the router. Same testing with the same phones and laptop.
I have tried changing channels by using WiFi analyzer on my phone. On the app I can count around 6 houses including me using the 2.4G.
Spectrum said is not on their end I should call Netgear.

Any suggestions why is this happening?
Detective equipment?
Should I downgrade the FW if so to which one?
Should I use voxels?
Anyone's on the same boat still and has a work around?
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Re: Netgear R7800 slow 2.4G on latest FW

I'm not sure what was going on before with your speeds but I've never gotten 300mbps over 2.4ghz. My area in inundated with wireless signals and I struggle to hit 30mbps over 2.4ghz. Best I've ever seen in my area was 80mbps and that was with an RAX200 and an intel 9260. And that wasn't a sustained speeds. it very quickly dropped off. 


2.4ghz is sensitive to interference and thats why every device I buy supports 5ghz. If you do a little googling and look at real world 2.4ghz speed testing (not in a lab with zero interference), you'll find most people would consider 80-100mbps pretty darned good over 2.4ghz. 

Current Setup: CM2000-> RBK750-> GS716v2-> RAXE500-> Pi-hole->
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