Netgear R7900 randomly drops Wi-Fi device connections


Netgear R7900 randomly drops Wi-Fi device connections

I have had the R7900 functioning reliably for several years.  Lately, however, several of our WiFi devices (phones, iOT devices, etc.) started randomly dropping their WiFi connections.  The problem manifests itself either as a lockup or message that says the Network is not connected to the Internet.  On my phone I just turn WiFi off, turn it back on and reconnect to the exact same WiFi network.  Internet connectivity returns.  This happens in and out of Smartmode.  (I started playing with Smartmode because our microwave was nuking the 2.4GHz WiFi networks.)  These issues are happening when the microwave is off.

Any ideas other than dumping the R7900 for some other manufacturer's mesh Network?

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