Re: Netgear firmware: an embarrassment


Netgear firmware: an embarrassment

Sorry but this is a rant on Netgear firmware. For reasons related to stupidity I swapped out an R7000 because it kept freezing with a new R8000P thinking this might help given I have approaching 50 network devices.


Upgraded the firmware ( and noticed not only do device names I set myself in Attached Devices keep being reset but the LAN setup page then takes the reset names and worse when I add a new device for IP reservation all devices are duplicated, i.e. it thinks an added device isn't added.


My experience with Netgear products is one of complete an utter frustration. R7000 problems with 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz services, Firmware that should be an embarrassment to any company, then the freezing router issue. Now this with the new router. Quite honestly if any Netgear firmware developer out there reads this you should be ashamed. These are not edge case bugs but serious problems with basic functionality.  People on these forums push to get firmware installed that is not written by you. Worse are those that advise downgrading to previous versions, but of course that brings security risks. 


I have no doubt there are more problems to come. Just thought I'd get this out there. If my company sold software with as many fundamental problems as I've experienced I'd be out of a job. 

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Re: Netgear firmware: an embarrassment

You must be into pain and suffering. 😉


Netgear firmware has been on a downward spiral for at least a year that I know of. Seemingly no testing, no checking to see if bugs are fixed, no QA. Netgear used to be my go to brand. Not after a r8000 and stupid me, a r8000p. Went else where and have a solid network. No drops, no slowdowns, no having to reboot or reset and reconfigure just works as networks should. 

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Re: Netgear firmware: an embarrassment

I can only agree with the above posts. Though I"m a bit lucky to use an R7800 which is mostly trouble-free, many people come here with a wide variety of problems due to the poor state of most model's firmware. I don't know if you can flash FreshTomato on the R8000P (you definitely can on the R7000) but if so, I highly recommend it, especially as it has CTF (hardware acceleration) and is very actively developed. I used to use it on an R7000 before I gave it away and had uptimes of over 100 days without a single problem (though, I used Tomato Shibby which is no longer developed and FreshTomato is its continuation)

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Re: Netgear firmware: an embarrassment



Netgear is hiring off-shore programmers, probably, because they are CHEAP.

They don't hire competent QA/QC, either.


Because, the fact is, Netgear *does not care* if you are having trouble or frustrations with buggy firmware.    If they can save money hiring a bunch of incompentents overseas you can be sure that they only care about their bottom line.


Bad news for all of us.   I, for one, am seeking an alternative to this company.   Too bad because their router is very fast.

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Re: Netgear firmware: an embarrassment

I have to agree. I bought the X10 R9000 router and it has been a lot of trouble right from the beginning. The firmware updates have caused many new problems as they were trying to fix old probems. I am sorry that I spent top dollar on this router and I am disgusted by the lack of testing before Netgear releases new firmware.


I will never buy another Netgear product! 

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