Network printer works on LAN but not wifi


Network printer works on LAN but not wifi

I have a MR60 Nighhawk which connects to our LAN via a network router.

On the LAN we have a network printer and our laptops can print OK when nonnected via Ethernet, but if we connect our laptops via Wifi through the Netgear Nighhawk the laptops cant print, additional information:

  • when on wifi I can actually ping the printer ok so it can see it
  • have tried re installing printer drivers but no success
  • the LAN router has a seperate wifi we dont actually use so I connected to this and can print OK so it is isolated to the nighthawk only.
  • The Nigthawk is running firmware V1.0.6.102 which it says is the latest

Any help would be appreciated as I am ready to through out the Nighthawk as I cant find the setting that is doing this

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Re: Network printer works on LAN but not wifi

running 2 routers on a network can cause issues like you're seeing. its called a double nat.

What isp router do you have? 

If you're not using it, try putting it in modem only/passthrough mode. 

Current Setup: CM2000-> SXK30-> GS716v2-> RAXE500->
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