New Fire sticks won't connect

My old fire stick stop connecting. Had it about 2 years. Called Amazon they said it's bad buy a new one. I bought 2 new ones.

Both new ones are doing what the last old one just started doing. It says "home page not found" and " connected with problems"

Tried rebooting router, tried connecting fire stick to both 5ghz and 2.4 channel. Factory reset fire sticks, tried them on another tv. Nothing works.

Amazon is clueless and is supposed to call me back.

I find it hard to believe I bought 2 brand new broken fire sticks. Being I tried them on different TV's makes me wonder if there is a router setting blocking them?

I have one older fire stick still working on our main tv with no issues.

Help please!
Model: R8000|Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: New Fire sticks won't connect

Tag spam. May not be genuine.

Just another user.

My network DM200 -> R7800 -> GS316 -> PL1000 -> Orbi RBR40 -> Orbi RBS50Y -> RBS40V
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Re: New Fire sticks won't connect

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Re: New Fire sticks won't connect

@Jacknwater, see your original message, first one on top.


After you submitted it, 'someone' added the TAGS....


DO NOT CALL THAT NUMBER! IT IS NOT NETGEAR SUPPORT, and it might not even be a for cost support organization, but a scam!

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