New R7000 Upload Degradation Issues


New R7000 Upload Degradation Issues

I had a Belkin AC1800 router, and the Wifi range was poor with 5Ghz. My computer would connect at 351Mbps, and drop to 114Mbps rather quickly. As well, it needed reboots about every 12 hours, since many devices wouldn't connect. What I did love about the router is while wired, I was able to get SpeedTest results of 120-125Mbps down and 23-25Mbps up very consistently. I would get the same results with a wireless 5Ghz 802.11ac connection.

I read a few reviews and many recommended the Netgear Nighthawk, so I ordered it from Amazon. I finally set up the router last night, and find the range to be excellent. Since unplugging the Belkin, and connecting the Netgear, my system has been 351Mbps or higher, and never dropped once. As well, I am getting the same wired results of 120-125Mbps down and 23-25Mbps up.

My issue is that I am only getting 100-120Mbps down and 4-5Mbps down on my 5Ghz connection. QoS is disabled, and I am not using OpneDNS. As well, clicking on the Internet button in Netgear Genie shows 0Mbps up and 0-.02Mbps up. I figure that there has to be some setting somewhere that either needs disabling, or I need to setup some feature that is disabled. I just need help finding it.

My PC is an ASRock Z97 Extreme6/ac, Intel Core i7 4790K w/NZXT Kraken X61 water cooler, 16GB Corsair Vengeance DDR2400, Gigabyte GTX970 w/4GB, Samsung 850 EVO 1TB SSD and Mushkin Enhanced ECO2 240GB SSD. I believe that both the router and my system are using Broadcom wifi chipsets.

Thank you in advance.

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Re: New R7000 Upload Degradation Issues

If you are using Netgear Genie on your PC, disable the app and try again. WMM should be enabled on the router and the client. There could be some of other setting on your client wireless that need to be changed.

If I recall the Broadcom settings are numerous, and, don't really correspond to what other vendors settings are. You should look for a setting that looks something [HT Mode - VHT].
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Re: New R7000 Upload Degradation Issues

One thing is that if you change routers or even fimrware, you should "forget" the old connections on your clients where that's a choice, and create new connections. If you have clients where you can't "forget" the connections, rebooting can be helpful.

Also, I'm not sure why you're using the Genie app at all. The Genie app has caused a lot of problems, I'd just uninstall it for the moment, and see if you can get where you want to get just using the router's web admin GUI settings.

Also, you said that you were getting 100-120Mbps down and 4-5Mbps up on your 5GHz. connection. For 5GHz., I'd suggest testing close to the router (if you're not already), and see how things go there. The range for 5GHz. is shorter than that for 2.4GHz., and the best 5GHz. results are going to be in the same room with the router. Although I get good results going across my house with 5GHz., the distance, intervening walls, etc. does mean that the signal strength and speed are considerably lower in my living room (the farthest point in my house from the router) than they are in my family room where the router is.

I would be careful playing with the router's settings. Only change a default setting if you know exactly what it will do. Sometimes users get desperate and start to change things at random, and get into some trouble just fiddling around trying to improve things. However, some changes to defaults are required, like setting your security up, your SSID, signal bandwidth, picking channels to use (I have had better luck picking channels than using "Auto" for that), and so on.

Good luck, and come back and ask more questions!
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Re: New R7000 Upload Degradation Issues

Thanks guys. I appreciate the help. I've uninstalled the Genie software, and that didn't seem to make any changes to the upload speeds. WMM is also enabled on the router.

I'm currently connected at 468.0Mbs, and am able to get 125Mbs download without issues. So, 25Mbs upload shouldn't be a range issue. On top of that, I plugged in a USB Thumb Drive to the USB Port, and transferred a 1GB file from my computer to the router. It was transferring at 5MBs, so 5Mbs just seems very slow to me.

One thing I did notice is that when the file started to transfer, it was stuck at 800KB for about 30 seconds, and then jumped to 5MB a sec. This is making me think that QOS is on, even though it is disabled in the router. I am going to see if maybe turning it on helps.
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