New router...a couple of questions...what have I gotten into?


New router...a couple of questions...what have I gotten into?

Hello all,

What did I BUY?? 🙂 I have been sitting here reading the posts for a while now and not sure I made a good choice. I read the reviews before buying AC1900 and thought I could deal w/ the issues if they still existed.

Anyway...the ONLY reason I even went shopping for a new router was simply to get a unit that I could control certain devices' internet time.

I'm only a couple of days in and (KNOCK KNOCK) no problems, but my questions are this:

1. Is the only way to set up access schedules for certain devices by creaing a Block Services rule for a certain IP address? By nature of DHCP, why would I do this? I can't seem to fine an easier way of just blocking a device by name or MAC and by time of day. Am I completely missing something?

2. the router seems wicked fast...after reading all the current issues, Wifi drops, slowing down...etc, did I make a bad choice? I've got 15 days to take it back! 🙂
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Re: New router...a couple of questions...what have I gotten into?

It is up to you what you want to do next.

The question is not technical but financial. How much is $200 worth to you? If you are a billionaire then it is not worth your time to take it back to the shop. If money is really really tight then take it back immediately.

You said that you have no issues so far but this model is known to have problems after 1 week, and it does seems that the problem is partly due to the firmware from NetGear.

How important is your network is to you? Does a malfunctioning router will cause you a lot of pain? These things can only be assess by you. Alternatively you could power off and power on your R7000 every morning, that seems to work as it takes some time from the power up for the 2.5 GHZ wifi to start having issues.
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Re: New router...a couple of questions...what have I gotten into?

I've had mine since November and haven't had the problems that others have had. I always do a hard reset using the button on the back of the router both before and after flashing the firmware. I have had a problem with my HP Laserjet printer not renewing its DHCP lease and have had to set up a static IP for the printer.
You might need to use the DD-WRT firmware if you want to have a lot of control over the router. Take a look at it and see if it does what you want.
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Re: New router...a couple of questions...what have I gotten into?

Hardware wise, I've never encountered any problems with any of these devices I've installed, but I'm not so naive to think that every item that comes off of a production line is flawless.

On that same token, don't believe everything you read online regarding a device. As stated in multiple threads, you can find 1000's of people complaining about a product, to every one that says it's great. (Doesn't really matter.. pick any product and you'll find this is the case)

If it helps.. my personal 'goto device' is the R7000.

If you're wanting a more robust feature-set, I will second LeeH's comment on the DD-WRT firmware.

HOWEVER, full disclaimer here, there were some newer builds by 'Kong' (the guy that's handling the most popular DD-WRT build, currently) that have had some reported issues with the wireless drivers. Generally, these issues are fixed if you use his builds that have the older wireless drivers, however. (he builds separate builds with the newer, and the older drivers)
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Re: New router...a couple of questions...what have I gotten into?

If yours is working great then why take it back? You are going to find the same comments about any router on any forum. While there are certainly a few with bad units, others are simply not tech savvy or have problems with their pc, phone, isp, ancient printer etc.. and blame the router.
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