New to Nighthawk R7000

Hi all, new R7000 owner from the UK. Just wanted to give my first impressions of my new router. My router is on v1.0.9.64 out of the box. I have no idea of the build date of my router, but the packaging would indicate no earlier than 2018. I have been prompted for the update to .88 but I have decided to stick with .64 and so I have disabled the auto update. I use Bitdefender anyway and I route all of my traffic through a VPN. Basically, the .64 firmware seems to working without any issues, so I don't want to temp fate by 'upgrading', especially if it ends up causing problems.


I did lots of research before making the jump from my ISP provided router (BT Homehub6) to the R7000. The router was on offer at my local famous name electrial store saving me almost a third on the cost of the usual retail price. Obviously, I had to buy a modem in order to use the R7000 and so I chose a Draytek Vigor 130 (UK version) as it's pretty much plug and play with the only setting that required changing during intial configuration being from PPoA to PPoE.


Modem is situated beside my Dsl connection wall socket. I'm on Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) at 37mbps. R7000 is ten metres away from the modem connected by cat7 flat cable. Almost all of my devices are connected wirelessly on the 5g band. The signal reach is pretty good throughout my home.


So far, not a single drop out, connection is rock steady across all of my devices. I like the aesthetics of the box, much nicer looking than my old ISP provided router.


Speed is not bad for my connection. Ping averages around 12ms. I've changed my ISP allocated DNS servers to Google Public DNS servers.


Loving the Nighthawk App. Never had the ability to view my router stats from my phone before, so remote management is an interesting addition for me.


Still debating whether to flash my new router with my VPN firmware. Don't really want to void the warranty, so will probably just stick with my present arrangement.


Early days so far, but to be honest, I'm not disappointed. The R7000 is a big step up from my old ISP router.

Model: R7000|AC1900 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: New to Nighthawk R7000

This is just an update to my first post.


I was interested to find out the build date for my R7000 and so decided to try out Netgear Support as I have complimentary access for 90 days. So I submitted an email ticket asking the question and they responded within hours given the time differences between my location and wherever the support team is based. My R7000 was built on 1st March 2019. To be honest, that's a fairly recent build considering production is in Vietnam and then the logistics of finding its way through the purchase chain to the UK and then probably sitting in a warehouse for months before being bought by me in January 2020.


Personally, I think it would just make sense to print the manufacture date on the router sticker before leaving the factory. Anyway, I sorted two birds with one stone, testing Netgear Support and finding out the info I wanted. Job done!

Model: R7000|AC1900 Smart WIFI Router
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