Nighhawk router - possible choose different chanell


Nighhawk router - possible choose different chanell

Night Hawk R 7000 .My wifi is going off and then coming back on. WHen i use my Smart TV's it will freeze frame and service for watching TV is off. Called Spectrum and they thought a wifi channel might need to be added as the default channels might be overused by others in my neighborhood. How do i seek out a possible channel change? I have reboot my modem and router several times and works only temporarily---like less than an hour sometimes. I also loose my wifi service on my Verizon phone at the same. Frustrating as i have never had this problem before
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Re: Nighhawk router - possible choose different chanell

It is very possible that you are simply suffering from conflicting IP addresses-- that is two devices may be getting the same IP address from the R7000 LAN DHCP service.


This advice is offered freely as a suggestion:

Under Advanced (tab), Setup (left menu), LAN Setup (sub-menu) you can set a smaller range under the section Use Router As DHCP Server.


Assuming a LAN TCP/IP Setup Address of:

I like to set a limited range : Starting

                                             Ending :


That allows 50 devices to be attached via DHCP either wired or wireless.


Then I like to set printers and streaming devices (Roku, FireTV) to static IP addresses outside that range:


Roku1 :

HP: Printer:

Fire TV:


These types of static IP addresses are set on each device (not in the R7000) which can be tedious using a TV remote control or ring-control remote, etc. 


And yes, you can use the R7000 Address Reservation section on the LAN Setup page to reserve LAN IP addresses (within and outside the DHCP range) for individual devices by their MAC address-- which I find even more tedious.


Following this should eliminate most LAN IP conflicts-- or merely limit assignment conflicts to cellphones and laptops.  


Hope this helps.

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Re: Nighhawk router - possible choose different chanell

> [...] How do i seek out a possible channel change? [...]

   Visit , put in your model number, and look
for Documentation.  Get the User Manual.  Look for "Specify Basic WiFi

   If you want to see which channels are in use in your neighborhood,
then you should be able to find a scanning program for a normal computer
with a wireless interface.

> It is very possible that you are simply suffering from conflicting IP
> addresses-- [...]


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Re: Nighhawk router - possible choose different chanell



If things are running well, and then one device proceeds to stop working, while other things continue to run on the LAN, it would point to a network problem. (This is a known issue on point of sale systems when a device goes rogue.)


It would be possible that the device is defective, but that information was not given.

If could be a channel conflict, especially in an apartment building, but that information was not given. 

A channel conflict is not a normal issue in a single family home, especially if the default is set to AUTO

antinode is correct, a simple app on a cellphone to analyze signal conflicts could be helpful to pick a less busy channel, but I doubt that channel conflict is causing a device freeze. And picking a less cluttered channel on the R7000 does not mean that the other device(s) can use that channel.

There is no evidence either way-- but as far as I know, IP conflicts in a home (with devices that come-and-go from the wireless) still strikes me a potential issue to be eliminated first.


Again, I offered the advice freely and thereby can be ignored.

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Re: Nighhawk router - possible choose different chanell

@sweetiedlp, I'd get ACRYLIC NETWORK TOOL and run it on a PC that is using WiFi. It will show the various channel users on the SSID bands. If you are using a crowded band it is possible that the interference could be a problem, but usually it doesn't do a complete drop of the signal, just slows network speed down.


Once you run Acrylic and DO see you are using a crowded SSID channel, you can change that channel in the WIRELESS settings of the router. However, unless you live in a very congested close proximity area of many other wireless router users I'd suspect this wouldn't be the case. Also be aware you might see others using the same band channel as you do, but the strength matters. If your signal is significantly higher than others in that channel, then there is really nothing to worry about.


IP Conflict, actually doubt that. If this were the case another device would be taking the device that dropped IP Address. That means the offending device would have to have joined the network at that specific time, and you've not mentioned that is the case? Also the device that lost connection would not usually recover.


First question, while the Wifi drops, does it drop on ALL Wifi devices or just one?

Second question, is the wired devices STABLE and not drop?


I 'assume' you've got a modem only, not a modem/router combo?


Can you provide model name and number for the modem?

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Re: Nighhawk router - possible choose different chanell

Hi sweetiedlp, 


We’d greatly appreciate hearing your feedback letting us know if you need further assistance.


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