Night Hawk R8000 Smart Connect clarification


Night Hawk R8000 Smart Connect clarification

Hi all, operating on V1.0.4.52_10.1.67 FW, and the manual is saying you can enable Smart Connect for the same 5GHz network (1 and 2), however on the router under basic-wireless it has enable smart connect for all 2.4/5GHz into one network?


I have both the 5GHz bands (1 and 2) as same SSID, do I need to enable Smart Connect to dynamically assign just the 5Ghz channels? I'm seeing all of my devices on 5GHz-1 at moment... 


I find if I enable Smart Connect across 2.4/5 I get droppages, especially on older legacy devices. 



Model: R8000|Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: Night Hawk R8000 Smart Connect clarification

Smart connect is great in concept. In implementation, it doesn't work for everyone. It bandsteers and moves devices. Not all devices work well with it as well as if your area has many 2.4ghz signals, there could be interference. this makes it even worse. 

If you have issues with it working with all your devices, then I wouldn't use it. 


The R8000 used to only bandsteer between the 2x 5ghz signals and not the 2.4ghz but the last couple firmware updates combined them all. If you want them back seperated, you'd need to downgrade the firmware. 




CM2000-> RAXE500-> GS716v2-> WAX218-> EX8000
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