NightHawk R7800 and Arris TG1682G


NightHawk R7800 and Arris TG1682G



I recently changed ISP services and they gave me an Arris TG1682G router/modem. I would like to use my own router which is a Nighthawk R7800. What is the best way to hook these up? I think i have it correctly but want to confirm:


Arris device-

Turn Off Wireless

Turn Off Firewall and other Security Settings

Set NAT to Bridged router

Ethernet connects from Arris to NetGear Port 1



Ethernet Port goes from Internet Port to PC

Router mode, AP Mode, or Bridge Mode- What mode do i need to choose?


Anything else I'm missing? Thank you

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Re: NightHawk R7800 and Arris TG1682G

It looks like your Arris configuration is correct.  I logged into mine and just turned off the wireless and set it to bridge mode.  Everything else in the modem took care of itself.


I hooked up a cable from the modem to my routers yellow WAN port.  Updated the router to the latest firmware, did a reset using the button on the back pressed in for 10 seconds and changed the admin password while leaving all the other configuration items alone as the default configuration.

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