NightHawk R8000 Router Login Issue


NightHawk R8000 Router Login Issue

Hey folks - I'm not able to get to the dashboard on for some reason. I completed the setup just fine and am currently on the routers network. But I keep getting a message that I'm not connected to the network and to check the connection. And when I do not get that message, the site keeps timing out. Any tips/thoughts? Thank you!

Model: R8000|Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: NightHawk R8000 Router Login Issue

Start about here: How to troubleshoot and access errors or and their www friends can only work if the DNS does point to the Netgear Nighthawk DNS only. This does certainly work if your computers get the interface config from that very same router DHCP. Other DNS will resolve to the fall-back page hosted in the Internet. Never looked on the timers set - of course this could cause an issue where the computers DNS clients will cache the resolved IP address longer than what you might expect. So it' also possible that the IPv4 address of that public Web server with the note is held much longer on the computer than people expect. But all these names are resolving to the LAN IP configured on a Nighthawk router and provide the A record as by default.


It might happen your new router is located behind another NAT router. Not an ideal solution of course. If a Nighthawk router does discover it's connected to a network on the WAN (Internet) side, it will re-configure the LAN to with the router on if I have it right. With this address changed, you have to reboot the computer and ensure it does fetch the new network config form the router DHCP. Otherwise the above will fail again. 

And in case your computer has another alternate connection to the Internet - yes, this could easily break all the above again.

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