NightHawk R8000 Set up


NightHawk R8000 Set up

I am in the process of purchasing a barely used NightHawk R8000.  I read the instructions but the set up is a bit confusing to me.  I will be attaching an ethernet cable from a Xfinity Technicolor Modem to the Nighthawk Router. I take it that I don't have to connect the router to  a computer as well?  I want to make sure I truly understand the set up process.  I hate spending time trying to discuss this stuff with Technical Support -- I usually wait longer than it takes to have someone help me on the phone with the set up process.  Anything about purchasing a used device?  Will I be denied support from Netgear if I don't have a receipt, etc?


What is the trickiest part in the set up process?


Thanks in advance!!!



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Re: NightHawk R8000 Set up

You "don't have to" attach an ethernet cable to the computer to set up the router, BUT it is recommended especially if something goes wrong with the installation setup of the router's local area network and your computer wireless "disconnects" from the router during the setup process.


With a wired connection to the router for the installation process, it'll minimize any issues you'll have during the installation process in comparison to setting up the router wirelessly.

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Re: NightHawk R8000 Set up

Since you are buying a used R8000, after you had powered it up the very first time, wait for all the relevant LED lights including the wifi lights are stable, then reset the router by pressing the (hardware) "Reset" button and hold it for around 20 secs and release it only when you see all the lights has gone off and started blinking again. Once this is done, let the router continue to boot up properly until you see all the lights are lighted and stable again. Finally, power off (power-cycle) the router, wait for at least 12-15 secs, before you power it on again, before you proceed to do the setup. 


For the easiest and problem-free way to set up the router, use the Netgear Genie app to do the set up via auto-detection when they are all connected and powered up. If you key in IP address to access the router and try to set it up that way manually, one wrong move or option selected and it will all go downhill and waste plenty of time. And yes, do connect your computer to the router with a cable and not depend on wifi connection so that it will be smooth sailing when configurations are changed and yet still have access to the router at all times.


Step-by-Step for the setup:


Download the Netgear Genie App from website first to your computer first.

Part 1 :  (Reset and Power-Cycle the Router)

a. Connect the power cable to the router

b. Do not connect any other cables to it yet

c. Power up the R8000 router and let it boot up properly (takes about 20 secs) till the Power and Wifi LED lights are lighted up and stable 

d. Press the "Reset" button for around 20 secs and release it only after you see the LED lights goes off and start blinking again

e. Power off both your modem and router


Part 2 :

a. Connect the modem to the "Internet" port of the router with a Cat 5E (or Cat 6) data patch cord

b. Connect your computer to one of the "Gigabit Ethernet" ports of the router with a Cat 5E (or Cat 6) data patch cord

c. Power up your modem and wait till the LED lights are stable ie. Power and Internet LEDs

d. Power up your Router next and wait approximately 25 secs for it to boot up properly. (you should see the Power, Internet and Wifi LEDs lighted up when it's ready)

e. Run the Netgear Genie App and let it auto-detect the router

f. Follow the instructions to set up your router and get internet connection

g. Proceed to configure your Wifi and other required personalised settings 

h. Power-cycle the router and test if everything is working to your settings (good practice to carry out this final step although after your configuration have been carried out and saved, router should work accordingly already)


Follow the above step-by-step instructions and it should be quite smooth sailing for you in getting it working. 


(A general tip, whenever you have done a hardware reset or had carried out any changes in the configuration, always do a power cycle as mentioned above, else you can get funny problems sometimes)

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Re: NightHawk R8000 Set up

I just purchased a Netgear R8000 and I discovered that it has the dual WAN .... It 'a feature that I need a lot, there is some modified firmware that enables it?

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Re: NightHawk R8000 Set up


@Mike73 wrote:

I just purchased a Netgear R8000 and I discovered that it has the dual WAN .... It 'a feature that I need a lot, there is some modified firmware that enables it?

The R8000 does not have Dual WAN support. 

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Re: NightHawk R8000 Set up

What do you mean by "discovered that it has the dual WAN"? 


The router (in fact all such home/consumer routers) only has a single WAN port, labelled as "Internet" on the router itself and supports only a single WAN(ISP) connection. So there's no way you can connect it to 2 different ISPs. 


If you require dual WAN support, you will have to consider Commercial/Enterprise type routers/firewalls or if you are technically knowledgeable, use a PC with 2 network cards to install an Open source router/firewall instead. 


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