Nighthawk 1900 R6900V2


Nighthawk 1900 R6900V2

I am stumped! I am attempting to work from home with my work provided laptop. It connects to our companies VPN. When connected to my home network via Wifi it will allow access to the company controlled websites but not outside websites such as google etc. 


I have tried enabling DMZ mode and assigning an IP to my work laptops MAC address and nothing helps. 


I have connected the laptop via ethernet from the router and the same issues


I have connected the laptop via ethernet to my ISP modem and everything is fine. 


I have tried forwarding a ptpp port 1732 and it works until i reboot the laptop then its broken again.


Any ideas or suggestions?

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Re: Nighthawk 1900 R6900V2

Update....I have connected the laptop to my neighbors wifi and the vpn works as expected AND I can access all websites i try so it is clearly a nighthawk router issue

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