Nighthawk 1900 ac range


Nighthawk 1900 ac range


I have a combi router from our provider (tv, phone, internet) delivering up to 200Mbps which is good and have no problem accessing it from anywhere in the house. But my desk is in my workshop 15m away from the router and I barely get 2 bars of signal there with 6-9Mbps and not stable either.

Was thinking would the Nighthawk 1900 ac deliver that far to my laptop (15-18m away) in my workshop? and what capacity should I expect?

Need to be sure before I buy cos they're not cheap but if they deliver...

Thank you
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Re: Nighthawk 1900 ac range

R7000 can be strong unit and "should" reach better but I would not twice think about place the router in the same place where ISP left the there gateway box.

15M (50') so that is quite distance to cover .....:)

I would first try to move the ISP unit if you can .
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June Mizoguchi-
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Re: Nighthawk 1900 ac range

Thanks June,

I am limited in where I locate the ISP box because it is fibre to the front of the house but then it is coax from that point (which covers 5 houses) to our ISP box - I though up in our bedroom which is at the back of the house and closest point to my shed in line of sight.

In direct line it is 15m and if I lay an ethernet cable cat 6 so it is shielded and outdoor compatible I need 27m. Which is the solution I am thinking if I can't find a wireless solution.

Today I called my ISP and they're gonna send me a wireless router connected to the coax box and disable the wifi from the combo box. They told me the signal should be stronger so I guess we will see.

But I wonder if the nighthawk 1900ac can solve my problem - connecting it to one of the eternet port of the ISP combo box, disabling the box wifi so I only have one router to broadcast the wifi signal to all my devices - but can it, will it reach my shed where I have my office??? - if not what is my solution?
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Re: Nighthawk 1900 ac range

I am using one R7000 to cover a 5500 sq. ft office. I get 5Ghz range in the entire office and out to the parking lot. 2.4 goes a but further. I think you should have coverage unless you live in a fortress. All ISP combo routers I have ever dealt with are basically junk with terrible range and slow speeds.
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