Nighthawk AC 2300 VS AC 2400


Nighthawk AC 2300 VS AC 2400

I am having trouble deciding between the two.  Outside of a slightly faster speed and USB 3.0, is there anything else worth mentioning?  Thanks. 

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Re: Nighthawk AC 2300 VS AC 2400

Might want to go here,, select the 2 and do the compare.


I saw the USB difference being 1 vs. 2 ports.


Hard to tell the differences as they are not listed in the same order. Also, there are TWO AC2300, so the modem name and model would have helped.

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Re: Nighthawk AC 2300 VS AC 2400

As @IrvSp says, AC 2300 could be one of several things.


R7000P? Something else?


Even AC2400 is ambiguous. The XR450 is also AC2400.

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