Nighthawk AC1750 R6400


Nighthawk AC1750 R6400

my internet went out in the middle of the afternoon.  I went through al the usual reboots and it still did not work.  Showed wifi connection but no internet access.  I call the provider and they walked me through many different steps.  When the modem is connected directly into the desktop the internet works but when it is connected through the router there is no internet connection.  Router is just over a year old.  Provider told me that since the internet works when plugged directly into the desktop that the issue is not with them but with the router.  I have followed all the steps like a new set up and that does not work either.  Any other ideas on how I can get this to work?  I am supposed to be working from home due to the virus but cannot do so without wifi.

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Re: Nighthawk AC1750 R6400

Have you tried a factory reset?


(also, disable automatic firmware updates option)

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Re: Nighthawk AC1750 R6400

If that is when you use the paperclip on that tiny button yes I have done that a couple of times as well.

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Re: Nighthawk AC1750 R6400

> [...] R6400


   Is that accurate?  Not R6400v2?  Look at the product label.  Firmware
version?  Connected to what?


> [...] Any other ideas [...]


   Visit , put in your (actual) model number,
and look for Documentation.  Get the User Manual.  Read.  Look for the
LED descriptions and "Troubleshoot".


   People here may not be able to see the LEDs on your router.


> [...] I have done that a couple of times as well.


   How, exactly?  Did the LEDs do interesting things?

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Re: Nighthawk AC1750 R6400

What modem are you using? 

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