Nighthawk AC2000 Model R6850

I just bought this router last week and I was able to install it, but my question is this: When I go on the Internet, it shows me four places to sign on. Two modem IDs from my Spectrum modem, anad 2 IDs from my router. Each on has an XG behind the ID. Which one should I use? I bought this router on recommendation of the Spectrum tech to help with my upstairs computer and my steaming. The router is located on my kitchen counter next to the modem, and my computer is also located in the kitchen. I have no problems with my computer, but my upstairs computer gets cut off at times, or it doesn't recognize the router and is slow. Also, my TVs freeze a lot too. I also have a NetGear WiFi Extender, which is at the bottom of the stairs, but I unplugged it due to interference. So...what ID do I use and how to I know I have installed this correctly? Any information you can supply would be greatly appreciated. 

P.S. I use Chrome, so could that cause the problem?

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Re: Nighthawk AC2000 Model R6850

If the spectrum modem has a router built into it then you will want to put it in bridge mode or modem only. 



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