Nighthawk AC3000 - randomly dropping signal


Nighthawk AC3000 - randomly dropping signal

I purchased this router on Amazon on 12/31/2020. We were switching our internet provider and wanted to get a better router. After purchasing this router we had numerous issues with our internet connection. We thought it was our internet until having a service technician come out and investigate. After connecting his computer to the router and watching it for over an hour, he noticed that the router was randomly dropping the connection and reconnecting. Speeds were terrible as well. I have since purchased another Nighthawk and haven't had any issues; however, I tried to go on amazon to return the other one and it says the return period expired on February 2nd. Is there no way for me to return this now? It has only been used for a month and I have all the original packaging. Can anything be done? Extremely disappointed that I cannot get my money back on this faulty router.

Model: R7900|Nighthawk X6 AC3000 Tri-Band WiFi Router
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Re: Nighthawk AC3000 - randomly dropping signal

Returns would be through who you purchased it from. Not directly from netgear. And this is the community forum where its members of the public trying to help others out. We're not netgear. 



You do have 90 days of free support from netgear from purchase date. So you'd still be within your window to get the support and potentially replaced through netgear. 

to do so, click mynetgear at the top, register an account and then the device. From there you can contact support. 

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Re: Nighthawk AC3000 - randomly dropping signal

As @plemans says, that is really down to the seller.


But in addition to the 90-days of free support – mostly to help you set the thing up – there is also a least a year's warranty support to get a replacement for things that broke in that period. That does go through Netgear. You start the process via the website's support section.

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