Nighthawk R7000 Needs Resetting

Nighthawk R7000 Needs Resetting

In the past i've had issues where I had to reset constantly throughout the day, but thankfully that was fixed by going back to stable firmware - V1.0.9.42_10.2.44. I rarely had any issues until now.


Like many others I'm working from home and doing stuff all day long - in the past two weeks some days i need to reset multiple times, other days it's just once. Sometimes it's down when i wake up, other times it goes down while I'm working (like just now).


My first step is to plug it into a different outlet on my power bar - failing that I will try direct-to-wall. 
After that I will try a new DC Adapter - is there a preferred/recommended one? The current one is 100-240V, 50/60Hz, 1.2A max with an output of 12V - 3.0A. 
After that, is the router just dying a slow death? I really don't need it **bleep**ing up client meetings and presentations, and i've gone through the ringer with this stupid thing but it seemed like it was finally stable. No more!

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Re: Nighthawk R7000 Needs Resetting

@guitarchitect wrote:

After that, is the router just dying a slow death? 

Only if you call Netgear bad netgear firmware a slow death. You are on the last that folks feel is ok. 

Netgear has not put out a good firmware for 2 years IMHO. Why I got rid of a r8000 and r8000p and went else where. 

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Re: Nighthawk R7000 Needs Resetting

Yeah I can promise you this is my last netgear device, I'm thoroughly unhappy with it from the firmware perspective - it caused so much stress when i couldn't figure out WTF was wrong with it!


it seems like this most current issue has been solved by changing the outlet on the power strip that i was plugged into... no resets since i did it

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