Nighthawk R7000 Update and Arlo


Nighthawk R7000 Update and Arlo

So I am struggling to do an update to my router and I see the statement, "Firmware starting will not include Arlo functionality".  What exactly does that mean?  Will it affect anything with my Arlo Pro 2 cameras since I'm using the base station also?

I sure wish I would've gone with a different brand for both...

Model: R7000|AC1900 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: Nighthawk R7000 Update and Arlo

No it will not affect anything at one time we had firmware that made the R7000 a Arlo base station but that did not work out. But this will not affect your arlo base station.



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Re: Nighthawk R7000 Update and Arlo

I am seeing mixed info on board wether the R7000 will or will not work with ARLO. 

Can I get a confirmation on this? 


I have recently updated by wifi router to this model. 

I can get the Arlo cameras to pair with the base, but if I move further than about 4 feet from ARLO base unit. They drop off line. 


Doesn't make sense, as I understand the Arlo base unit is creating it's own wifi network. 


Never had this issue prior on the Netgear R6200v2 Wifi Router. 

Had my cameras placed outside my home at great distances (150 -200 ft from base) with no issues prior. 

I have moved the base to different locations. 

Tried an ethernet network extender. 

Removed devices, re- added. 

Did factory reset several times. 





Model: R7000|Nighthawk AC1900 Dual Band WiFi Router
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Re: Nighthawk R7000 Update and Arlo

Hello Tkinseattle


You will need to hop over to the arlo community for help with the arlo base station but yes the arlo base station is compatible with any router with the correct internet speed requirements.



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