Nighthawk R7000 intermittent internet


Nighthawk R7000 intermittent internet

Keep experiencing my internet wireless connection dropping randomly multiple times throughout the day. I have updated my router to the latest firmware and factory reset it as well. I have tried turning on the respond to ping setting and nothing has resolved the issue. If i direct connect to my modem with my laptop the internet does not drop out so I know its an issue with my router. I have checked the forums on here and tried just about every other fix Ive seen so far with no luck. I have an Arris model: TM1602A modem through Spectrum. Please help.

Model: R7000|AC1900 Smart WIFI Router
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Re: Nighthawk R7000 intermittent internet

It's not dropping wireless connection.  It's the router disconnecting from the internet randomly.  It's been happening for years with no fix.  Should be recalled.   

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