Nighthawk R7000 issues


Nighthawk R7000 issues

I had a modem upgrade yesterday and for some reason, my Google Home won't connect with my Nighthawk R70000 router.  I also can't access my router through the app.  I get a message that the router is diconnected even though I still have Wi-fi.  


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Re: Nighthawk R7000 issues

I had a modem upgrade


Make and model?


Nighthawk R70000 router.


Firmware version?


I also can't access my router through the app.


Which app?  From what kind of device?  Have you tried accessing the router with a web browser from either a wireless device or a wired PC?


I still have Wi-fi.  


What does this mean?  Is your portable device still connected to the router via wifi?  Can it reach the internet?

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Re: Nighthawk R7000 issues

What do the LEDs look like? Especially the power LED.


Rebooted the router?


Did you reset the router to factory settings after the firmware flash?

New firmware sometimes introduces changes that are not compatible with the old configuration.

So while it isn't guaranteed to fix problems a factory reset is the first thing to try if you have issues with new firmware.

This is a nuisance because you then have to reconfigure the device all over again.

You can backup your settings before you reset and restore them later. But that may just bring back the fault. Then again, at least you will know if the reset fixed the problem.

The factory reset is more a "witchcraft" move than a technically informed solution, but it does seem to fix problems, especially on the wifi front.

Just another user.

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